Horticulture Department


There are many factors that determine a community’s potential for success.  Most municipalities are interested in attracting new businesses and families and make every effort to provide the amenities that are attractive to potential residents.

One of the most critical strengths and one that is Horticulture 1often over looked, is the appearance of the community. Visitors immediately make a judgement about the community based on their impression.  Is the area litter free?  Is the area attractive and well maintained?  Is there an underlying sense of civic pride shining through?

Many communities are beginning to recognize the importance of beautification and the impact it can have on all aspects of that community’s success.  It is an investment that produces long-lasting and tangible rewards.  Incorporating visual beauty into our public spaces has proven to be an effective method for raising property values, reducing crime, enhancing local economy and improving public health.

The Horticulture Department was established with all these factors in mind.  Our most important goal is to enhance the historic and natural beauty that Greenville already has.

We manage numerous areas throughout the City, including City buildings, parks, green spaces and rigCity Hall Christmas 1ht of ways.  Our landscape management plan consists of planting trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals and their proper care: including pruning, water, weed and pest control, mulching, bed design and installation. Plant material is chosen on disease resistance, insect resistance and drought tolerant qualities resulting in lower maintenance requirements. Bio-diversity is key to maintaining a healthy landscape.  Monocultures in the plant world are disasterous.

Since we are The Camellia City, camellias are incorporated in all new landscape designs where conditions are favorable for their growth.

Native Species rank very high on our go to plant material. They naturally occur in this area therefore they require less maintenance, save water and the birds and butterflies love them.